Saturday, February 25, 2012

Prayer for Karen

Many years ago, I found myself in conversation with one so hurting, so confused. The greatest need she had at the moment was to be heard! Later, upon reflection of our meeting, my spirit prayed

"Informed, oh God, of one in such confusion;
the crying of her heart, to me, is shared.
Your ear would I possess while in attendance;
Your patience, Father, as she is prepared.
Such is sown rife in these days of latter-
deceptions, lies and bribery abound!
People heeding to the winds of public,
shunning that which yet remaineth sound!

Oh, that would be sought a higher calling,
surpassing, Father, every comfort zone!
Not always be desired what You give me,
so early unto me was this made known!
But looking back, I see that all You gave me
matured me, taught me, profited me much!
Teach her, oh God, that if she would be faithful,
she'd know the deeper wonder of Your touch!
One true process to accomplish this, Lord,
that my life would exemplify You so;
that she would see, in me, the blessings of You
are stellar unto comforts she could know!
And, using me here in this life of present,
so, Holy Spirit, prod, convict and woo
that, in her wisdom, she would come to fathom
that the void so deep within her be for You!"

There are people in your own life that are hurting, blind, wandering around groping for anything alive!
Are they able to grab hold of Jesus and His life inside of you?

The Herd

On a clear day...almost complete silence...look up in the sky...

the herd now slowly is migrating eastward...
countless puffs of cotton, as it were...
so very many of them in my vision
that those on the horizon fade to blur;
the movement of them slowly is determined
by the breathing of the tending One;
and, as I witness oh, such wondrous beauty,
proudly I proclaim "I am His son!"

Did you see God's fingerprints on your day at all?
Do you have time to notice the slightest of proof?
Make time. You'll be glad you did.


If you have been serving God long enough and savoring that awesome relationship, you know that there are times that are quite frustrating...times when He cannot be heard...and times when it seems like your prayers don't even ascend through the roof!

I ponder now some causes of frustration.
The same, into perspective try to place.
I know, without a doubt, I have salvation
in Jesus Christ, through God's abundant grace!
And I know I have healing for my body-
proven it to me has He so oft;
and in a crowd when no one is around me
relief is unto my heart ever soft!

"Oh Father, Thou much softer than a whisper,
that I could bid this state of living 'Cease!'
Speak hope and help and guidance to Your servant,
oh, that deep within would dwell Thy blessed peace!
I've tasted and I've felt of it within me,
now all that I must do, Lord, is believe;
but nothing less could I do, blessed Savior,
as, been through oh so much together, we've!"

Keep pressing's worth it!
Even when God cannot be seen, felt or heard, He is right there with you, listening...embracing...responding to your heart.
You must keep affirming such truths!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Be careful not the giant to awaken?
That within the reaches of the mass?
By his foreboding presence be not taken!
Too, let not a fabrication pass!
In each of us, such impulse be inherent:
defense against the tiniest of foe!
The same, at times, to be not as transparent,
but lose not sight of Truth to surely know!

So massive to appear imagination!
Yet, effortlessly, it is bidden seize.
But standing fast in Whom is sweet salvation,
it be casted outward so with ease!
Thus says He to cast down imaginations,
the horrors of the yester, now and then;
but dwell upon the Source of your salvation:
God, in Whose Son we are born again!

Stand firm in Jesus! STAY IN HIS WORD!
Let nothing of this life rob you of your joy, hope or the victory you have in Him, especially the fear of what is not!

Those Silent Words

Being a writer, there is a constant leading, a yearning to record or describe what God is saying or doing.
Does God move in your life that way?
How does the Holy Spirit speak to you?
Is God the Holy Spirit allowed to speak to your heart?
He has something to say to every one of us.
Will you listen?

And what about those silent words
that rap upon my breast?
Tell me, will they have opportune
to ever be expressed?
And those verses I pursue
when entertaining thought,
by a rhyme or reason say,
will ever they be caught?

But greater than the poet's note
of compassion such,
is Him the poet can't describe
and His unrivalled touch!
And as I yield myself to Him
each time I dip the quill,
shall not each muffled word be freed
according to His will?

"One day at a time," says He,
but I would paraphrase
as "One idea at a time,
one phrase."
And what be captive in my breast
should never be released,
lest there remain a vacancy
and captive word be ceased!

You have the very same inside of you. God has placed in each of us a desire to know Him more and share that knowledge with others.
Don't ignore Him!
Do not quench the Holy Spirit!
He is inspiration. He is Life! Share with others the life that He has put inside of you however he leads you to.

The Story of Bean

Let us consider the living of Bean.
No different from all of us, know what I mean?
Bean discerned early the life on the pole;
decided he then that he wanted control!
In spite of the wish, the yearn and the plea
from cousins with shiners, and his brother three,
instead of residing there, safe on the stalk,
he said "Adios!" and started his walk.

Some knowledge came quickly while out on his own.
Within days, he noticed that he hadn't grown!
"It be of no consequence!" said he to he,
"This new independence is greater to me!
No longer nobody bound...
how many more pleasures are here to be found?"
Soon, he was carousing with tare and with chaff.
There, in the briers, they'd party and laugh.
Now, dreams of the garden recalled he of Heaven.
"Oh what a rush would be 5% Sevin!"
The loss of the stem was more notable now:
his vigor wrinkled his brow.
In realization now of such a trap,
and though every stress nearly causing him 'snap,'
with the sun high...such just made him conceited
and, unto returning, he'd not be conceded.
And there, among thistles, expire did he
for living not horticulturally.

A marker is there at the sight he did fall,
with epitaph timely unto each and all:
"Remaining here be just a vacated shell.
Bean isn't here now, for he is in Hell."

The Bottom Line

Thank God for Jesus!
There is a plethora of topics that can be found written about by this man, but none of them is more important than Jesus and having Him as Savior!
If the words are about the beauty of Creation, it is all the more beautiful when You know The Creator!
If the words are about life situations and going through them, they can only be written because He has guided me and led me through.
If the words are about Heaven or things to come, they can only be written as He gives revelation!
Nothing more important than Jesus!

Not a thing of more concern,
no other person greater...
not greater love has ever been,
nor shall one be later...
Jesus - He is all that life
is all about, and then,
He will be all that life will be man knows when!

Do you have Jesus in your heart?
Does He, your life, redeem?
He's more than "one from history,'
that ancient books esteem!
He is so very personal,
He loves you very much,

and you will ever benefit
from His exclusive touch!

O, my friend, but know Him in
your heart with all your might!
In you, in your entire life,
He takes such great delight!
He wants to be Your Savior,
He cries our "You are mine!"
He died so that you might have life;
and that's the bottom line!

"Jesus loves you!"
That is the truth woven through everything that you will read from this man. Ask Him to be your Savior today. Life will never be the same!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


...and the river rolls on...
The current carries all of the day's cares to...
I don't know where they go, but the creation of God before me is surely a welcome distraction and wonderful reminder that He is in control...not me!

So wonderful, escape from all,
just following the Spirit's call!
Knowing all that life will need,
He beckons and provides a lead!

Above the trials of the day...
beyond the borders men might say...
surpassing limits life may hold,
the Spirit is, and that so bold!

Close your eyes...breathe deeply...whatever you are going through today, right now, it is not permanent. God already sees the end of what it is and He is in control. He has what you need to get through it, and He is very generous with it.
He is also there, right now, with you in whatever you are facing, the "current."
Trust Him.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Morning has broken...

As light begins discovering the hills,
As life begins revealing today's thrills,
as songs begin to rise from all creation,
God and I once more enjoy relation!

Even before that light is fully come,
doves of mourn so exercise their hum;
and even before the writer calls His Name,
creation's song my shame?
No! But I would join that constant hymn
with them upon the ground and on the limb,
that song that NEVER shall come to an end,
that song to Jesus--Savior, Brother, Friend!

Before the Light is fully to advance,
adoration of Him would enhance!
Creator--He is worthy of all praise,
now, and throughout each and all of days!

God is worthy!
Creator God is worthy of all of our living!
Can you see Him making, guiding, orchestrating your day?
Look again.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Be still, o busy mind.
There is much peace to find!
Be still, o busy heart,
there is a greater part!
Be still, o busy life.
Enough is there of strife!

Be still, o busy man, in spite of living.
Your every need and want are at His giving!
The fact that He commands your every trust
is something that just cannot be discussed!
Resign your ALL unto His will and way-
victory complete to be your stay!

Life goes on...sometimes at speeds that we cannot even fathom! However, in spite of whatever speed it seems to be going, it NEVER outruns God and the sanctuary of His arms!
Are you busy?
Does life itself seem to be overtaking you, overwhelming you?
Turn into God and rest in the restoration that He is!
He is right there waiting...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

"I thought about a valentine...
what could a wordsmith say?
How could I try impressing you
on this most special day?
So many are the messages
you get from me always,
but just how many of them fete you
with deserved praise?
I love you MORE than words can say!
You mean MORE than mere verse!
The love we celebrate each day
nobody could rehearse!
The way you treat me is beyond
mere song or verse cliché,
and You deserve MORE celebration
than one heart-filled day!
I love you today and each day
you are in my life.
I am so very fortunate
to have you as my wife!
We do not have what others have,
we have so much, much more!
And I will marry you again
all passions to restore!"

I am a blessed man.
I am a fortunate man.
I HATE saying that I am a 'lucky' man, but a lot of folks would tell me that!
Do you feel the same about the one that you love?
Make sure that they feel that way, too!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I want it my way...
But wait, listen to me...
No, no, no...THIS is how it should be...

"Please break this man before You, God;
o change my life, my heart.
See to it that Your will and way
become the greatest part!
Be greater than myself within
that all may come to know
that You are God, and I am not;
my SELF to overthrow!

But break this man again, oh God,
and build what You desire.
I avail myself again
unto Your will entire!
So many are the purposes
and seekings of the heart-
oh God, I lay it all aside
for that which You impart!

Oh Father, break this man until
I am in You complete!
Something of Yourself, anew,
but each day would I meet!
The glory and the majesty
be amplified always!
Change my life, transform my heart
to each and all Your ways!"

Again, Pastor nailed me to my seat last night.
Excuse me. Again, God stopped me in my tracks last night through the Pastor's words.
It's not about me.
I've said it before...but it is soooo easy to slip back into that selfish comfort zone.
Dare I say "It's not about us?"

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Challenging the status quo...
there is so much, much more!
So much better has our God
for each of us in store!
Have you settled for 'the norm?'
"It's always been this way..."
Rise up! Escape that trap! Receive
the Truth, the Life, the Way!!

There is so much more from God!
Far better than we know!
It takes some effort to obtain it-
how far will you go?
Too often do we settle for
whatever comes our way,
instead of trying to affect
the order of the day!

I cannot be effective if
I do not move ahead.
I will not be of service lest
I go where I am led!
The Holy Spirit is alive
and moving constantly!
We must yield to His commands
to be in victory!

Pastor Venable, your message is painful. It is, however, effective. (As usual.)
It is so easy to sit here and write and send and read and respond...but is it effective? Are these words doing any heavenly good?
What good are you doing?

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Up the hill and through the forest, a forest that is yet barren...
down the mountain and over the river...
how many miles to go?
What will be there when we get there?
What will be there along the way?
Is that a worry? Is that a concern? Is that a benefit?

There is so much excitement in
the trek that is ahead!
It's something to look forward to
if you are Spirit-led!
Tomorrow is a promise and
a thing for to desire...
it is no thing to worry of
if God has your entire!

But what about the promise and
the beauty of today?
Don't overlook the treasure that's
already on display!
Too many miss the wonder of
the miracle at hand
while praying for the breakthrough that
tomorrow might command!

How many miles to go...but wait!
Enjoy the scenery!
God is in the here and now,
and generous is He!
Don't let what might be rob you of
the wonderments that are!
Enjoy where God has placed you, or
you won't get very far.

The straight and narrow road.
Sometimes, it is a painful road.
Sometimes, it is an exciting road.
But I promise, if you stay on the Straight and Narrow, no matter what it holds, you will always progress and move forward!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Another day...
a brand new day...
yesterday is's a memory, and today is fulfilment of the promise you clung to so tightly yesterday.

Is that it?
Is that all there is to today's message?
Maybe that's all that God wanted to say to someone reading this.
Enjoy today and know that it is a gift from a God that loves you...the newness of life that you desired.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Life & Light!

There is life! There is Light! There is an endless, eternal supply of both in the love that God has for me...for YOU...for us!
I cannot fully explain it. In matter such I am an uneducated man! (You probably already knew that!) However, I can tell you about it. I can write about it. I can recount that which God tells me...and even THAT I can't explain! Ya know?

Life so very wonderful...
Light so very real!
All from Him Who is alive
to save, to fill, to heal!
Jesus has all power, He
possesses everything,
and it is His to give to them
that, of His mercies, sing!

Life so very wonderful,
Light so very real!
But He is even able to
respond to YOUR appeal!
His mercy is to us-ward,
His love, it knows no bound!
Within the reach of His great heart,
but even YOU are found!

Life so very wonderful,
Love so very real!
Submit your will to that of His,
your fate, in crimson, seal!
No assurance greater!
Not any other trust!
Jesus Christ-the ONLY Way-
salvation is a must!

Life & Light. Do you have it? Do you have Him?
Jesus loves you and has so much to give you! All He asks for is your heart.


Seeking yet again my rescue
from the days that are?
But God is in control of all
the challenges so far!
Though trials yet amass ahead,
I am not overtaken;
In spite of that before my eyes,
I am not forsaken!

Jesus, my Deliverer,
He is yet right beside
encouraging me to press on
and not to be denied!
So many are the benefits,
so massive, the reward
for going forth and shirking not
the challenge of the Lord!

My deliverance may be
there on the other side;
I may have to bear the flames
to know the purified!
Whatever the assignment is
I am equipped, I know;
because my God is in control
and, with me, He WILL go!

Are these words for you today?
Is there an obstacle or an assignment before you that appears daunting?
Have you told God about it?
There is nothing too big or too small to be kept from Him. He wants to hear about everything in your life! He wants to be involved in everything in your life!
Let Him!

Monday, February 6, 2012


We are a needy people. Period.
Though we, as His children, bask in His abundance, we yet remain so needy.

"Here we are, excited to
receive of Your command!
For only by Your righteousness
are even we to stand!
Be here in Your fullness, Lord,
for we be needy of
the glory of Your Presence and
the wonder of Your love!

Here we are, so desperate
for that so very new!
The others present in this placer,
they be so very few.
How many, they so desperate
for that which You have planned?
But God, I cannot think of that
as I, before You, stand!

Here we are, so destitute,
and You with so much wealth!
Bless, indeed, with Your abundance,
God, and be not stealth!
Here we we humble...
here do we submit;
here we are in expectation,
Father, we commit!

In JESUS' Name,

Where would we be without Jesus?
Where would we go without God's direction?
NEVER forget your Source!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Finally...the chores are done;
at last...alone with God;

There is a sound I love to hear,
there is a noise so fine!
How can I recount the sound
of something so divine?!
I only can enjoy the feeling
of that precious sound
that, in the Presence of my Father,
only is it found!

There is a sound so healing,
a noise so very blest;
In the Presence of His Majesty
I hear it best!
Not always is that precious sound
where I think it should be!
It comes to me at every time
I need, His grace, to see!

Oh that sound exclusive to
the moving of the Spirit!
Do you know what I'm speaking of?
Can your heart ever hear it?
Oh, the glory of His Presence
everywhere in living!
Be so close to God Most High,
He is so very giving!

How wonderful it is: time alone with God!
It is here that life is repaired...refreshed...restored.
Each and all of us have a different itinerary and a different speed, but there is one constant: each of us need time with God.
Can you hear Him calling?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where is Hope?

I received two letters earlier this week. Both of them are painful. Both of them beg the question "Where is hope?"
One of them entreated us to pray for someone who attempted suicide.
Where is hope?
The other is from someone asking for prayer because their friend committed suicide.
Where is hope?
It is times like these that I almost feel guilty for the joy that I contain! Is that wrong?
There was some very bad medical news given us this week...but we still have hope.
According to the tests that were done, a tumor is back...but we still have joy.
What's wrong with us?!
Through it all, in light of it all, we still have a lot to look forward to:

What a day! O what a day
is close, is close at hand!
That which is to be, no mortal
ma may understand!
The glory of that time and place,
(and They that therein dwell,)
the deepest yearnings of the soul
are able for to tell!

Who could know what is awaiting
in that Perfect Place?
Who could know what we'll become
due His abundant grace?
Who could know the end of all
the promises avowed?
Them that have the blood of Jesus,
they shall be allowed!

What a day! Oh yes, the day
that He shall be our Rest.
Everything awaiting us
shall be the very best!
Oh, but I would see the Savior
of my very soul!
Jesus to accompany me-
there and then made whole!

What a day that shall be! What a Place that shall be! What a time that shall be!
But I must have a semblance of that day/time/Place in my daily life if I am going to have any affect on people here.
Jesus and the life He provides is the only Answer to the turmoil that goes on in the lives of all of us!
Trust Jesus for ALL that you are going through, and He will provide glimpses of That Day that will spur you on through the days that are.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Early Prayer

"Please, Lord, use these words to minister. Please use these words to bless.
Lord, please use these words to bring people closer to each other, closer to You.

Thank You for the light that shines
so early on the land;
thank You for the Light inside
that few can understand;
for I can only recognize
the beauty of it all
as You shine on my heart and
settle me within Your call.

So grateful for the constancy
You are and You have been;
so grateful You are visible
inside the lives of men;
so grateful You are evident
in all of all creation!
So grateful that You come to men
establishing relation!

Oh Lord, You make the glory that
the light of day discovers!
You make the light inside of men
that Your great love recovers!
All everything belongs to You,
including all of me!
So shine inside our lives that all
the world may clearly see!

In JESUS' Name,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day's End

Day is is busy!
Lots of things happened...lots of people contacted...what variety!
In spite of all that went on, in spite of all that is yet going on...

...there is a temporary place
that nothing may corrupt;
it will become one permanent
when earthly days are up;
for the moment, it is where
escape can be at will,
no peace can match the One that waits
in that location still!

There always is an Open Door
whenever I must run...
whatever are activities,
in that Place, they are done!
There to gather at His feet,
to sit in His embrace,
to listen to His gentle voice
and look into His face.

Oh, so very wonderful,
that place so temporary!
I know I can depend upon it
not to ever vary!
And You are always present to
receive me in my state;
Lord, You are so wonderful,
so loving and so great!

The Lord is our Refuge.
The Lord is Who we can run to anytime and He will always receive us!
From the arms of Jesus we emerge victorious, energized to once again go forth into the daily battle called "Life!"
Day is done. Find your rest in Jesus.