Monday, January 16, 2012

Wonderful Love!

So wonderful, the great affection
Father has for me!
So very real, the love He has,
look, ye sinner, see!
The same love that He has for me
is also for your own!
Give your life to Him by Whom
you are already known!

How wonderful, the love of God,
and beautiful, as well!
So great the love that made escape
from the fires of Hell!
So glorious, the creation
He made you to be!
Remember Him before He calls
into eternity!

Remember Him into Your heart
while this life yet allows.
Before it is too late, affirm
to Him eternal vows!
You are made of His great love
to trust Him and obey;
Affirm yourself to His affection
'fore is come That Day!

God's love is still available...Jesus is coming...Hell is for real...
I know, you've 'heard it for years...'
But that just means that we are that much closer!!

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