Thursday, January 12, 2012

Truth of Joy!

"What is truth?"
The question has been around for as long as we can recall.
Even Pilate asked Jesus the very question!
"I write with confidence as the Holy Spirit inspires and instructs me."
That very statement may irritate some, but it is truth. I have had no formal training in fundamental English or verse, yet these poems flow from me for some reason. That's the truth.
Another truth is that in spite of the disasters going in in the world and even in my own life, I can have joy. There is a certain type of joy one can possess that is untouchable by situations of this life.
Do you have that joy?

Joy--so overflowing-
and Jesus is the Source!
That 'noise' so very deep within-
what an awesome force!
The very power of His Blood
confidently known
causes His rejoicing to
become my very own!

Hallelujah! Blessed be
the Lord--for He is God!
Hallelujah! Hear the hosts
of Heaven now applaud!
Hallelujah! Naught could hinder
praise from everyman!
Everlasting Joy! It is
the Father's very plan!

"Joy unspeakable..." but will I
endeavor to record
that happiness so deep within
none other to afford!
Jesus Christ-so deep within
that nothing will dissuade;
thus, so very confident
have I been surely made!

That confidence. That Joy. That TRUTH. No other source but Jesus Christ!
Whatever comes my way, I have Him in my heart to help me handle it and still retain that joy.
Get that joy for your own!

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