Sunday, January 15, 2012

Times of Living

So true: The times of living
are ordered and are known.
We are not without, for we
are very surely known!
Nothing happens to us that would
take Him by surprise;
and all that will be seen has been
already in His eyes.
Therefore, the times of living,
however they appear,
should never be discounted-
for God is always here!
He knows each situation,
and He will not forsake!
Through every time of living,
your life, He'll safely take!
And so-the times of living,
for they can be redeemed!
Give yourself to service, with
the angels you'll be teamed!
Take the Gospel deep inside you,
share with every man,
and know the times of victory
the Father only can!

The times of your life. Was God there? IS God there? Will He be there?
Of course the answer to those questions is "Yes!" But do we trust Him enough to go through those times, however painful they be, with the same assurance?

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