Wednesday, January 4, 2012


"Talk to me, Lord Jesus, I need
once more hear Your voice;
that sound that causes peace inside
and makes me to rejoice!
Your words are always perfect,
so old and always new;
Your message is refreshing even
as the morning dew!

Converse with me again, my Savior,
life to be addressed.
Straighten out the situations
I seem to have messed.
Your wording is so careful,
so healing and direct;
everything You say to me
I certainly respect!

Talk to me, Lord Jesus,
I am still and I will hear.
I will heed what You will say,
for life, it is severe!
You know exactly what to do
in every situation;
Talk to me, oh Lord...for it
is MORE than 'conversation!'"

Talking with Jesus. Conversing with God, Himself! Talk about 'redeeming the time!'
As you begin the new year, make sure that talking with God is part of your daily life. He loves hearing from you!

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