Friday, January 27, 2012


Seeing proof again that He
is always in control;
feeling precious evidence
that I have been made whole;
walking through the beauty that
He makes for us by hand;
confessing from the depths again
"I do not understand!"

I tell Him I don't understand,
He just smiles back at me
reminding, once again, there is
so much I will not see!
And as I commit the same
complete into His trust,
understanding everything
no longer is a must!

Seeing once again...and
savoring that precious sight!
In the fullness of His grace
taking great delight!
In a place that any man
His Glory may behold;
let nothing of this life prevent
obtaining that so bold!

There is a certain boldness that belongs to them that are born-again and trusting in Him.
We may not always have the answer to what is going on, but there is an awesome assurance that God remains in control in spite of "things."
Do you have that assurance? It is becoming more and more necessary, and it is only found in Jesus.

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