Sunday, January 1, 2012


In The Presence once again,
sitting at His feet.
The love that's present in this place
makes all of life complete!
There is no location to
compare to such as this;
make each and all assurance that
this place is not to miss!

In the Presence of The King
and Royalty about.
In the splendor of this place
I want to sing and shout!
But silence is to captivate
and awe to overtake!
Jesus Christ--all adoration
is for His own sake!

Oh, the Presence...oh, the Glory...
oh, behold the grace!
Take His fullness deep inside,
nothing to replace!
Make Jesus Christ your everything
and live by His commands;
be, unto your dying world,
His living, reaching hands!

Jesus is alive inside of you, and you are alive inside this world. What are you going to do?
There is a lost and dying world out there...they hunger and thirst for what you possess!
Go ye unto all the world...

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