Sunday, January 8, 2012

THE Peace

Can any poet find the words
to know the peace I know?
How many persons know the path
that I so freely go?
What are the results of any
quest you undertake?
All of it is fruitless unless
Jesus is the take!

Oh, the peace that I enjoy
in spite of any day!
Though a poet I remain,
what more can this man say?
Jesus-my serenity, yes,
Jesus Christ-my Peace!
All the stresses in this life...
in Him have I release!

Peace-His Name is Jesus-He
defies mine every word!
I only have to speak His Name,
oh yes, what peace occurred!
No need for any other, as
there be none to replace!
Jesus Christ-Prince of Peace-
the Father's gift of grace!

Peace. His Name is Jesus.
Do you know Peace?
Whatever you read from this writer, it is my prayer that it all points you toward Jesus Christ-THE Prince of Peace!
When you get there, you will see, too, that His peace is so often beyond words!

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