Friday, January 13, 2012

Only Jesus

In the quiet of the moment...
the intimacy of only Jesus.
Can you handle such a time?
There are so many of US who just cannot seem to be content with 'doing nothing' for a certain length of time!
It is a challenge.
It is a challenge put to us by Jesus Himself when He tells us to set apart time for only Him.

In moments oh so precious
but all throughout the day,
places so remote, yet
everywhere along The Way,
Jesus--He is present and
so active in this place!
And fortunate, the ones that take
advantage of His grace!

Making every moment count
because He is at hand;
being all I can for Jesus
through His each command;
knowing all of life is ordered-
oh, to celebrate!
On the the valley...
God remains so great!

Those moments--oh so precious,
they 'happen' without end!
Make the most and savor them
with Jesus--Savior, Friend!
It is His grace alone allowing
ANY time at all!
Moments oh so precious-
fruits of Jesus' call!

Whatever your calling...whatever your duties in this life, if you avail yourself to His will there will surely be 'times of refreshing.' Make the most of those times by KNOWING that Jesus is right there with you...right there through whatever emotion you are in...right there, closer than a brother, letting you know it's alright.

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