Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More than Emotion

Have you done anything 'new' now that it is a 'new' year?
What about more time with God?

"O God, that I might understand
the fullness of Your grace!
It's far more than mere 'feeling' as
I look into Your face!
I am adopted to Yourself
due Jesus' perfect love;
Your mercies, they envelope me, God,
even as a glove!
Your tender mercies, o my God,
but WHO could comprehend?!
The love You have for each of us,
it shall not ever end!
The Place You have prepared for us
because of Your great grace
there, the reason for Your Gift-
will any man embrace?

O God, will ever anyone
perceive Yourself complete?
Each time in Your Presence is
my wonderment replete!
Only to refresh, refill
the heart of me to cry
and take that which You give to me
to man and prophesy!"

Time in the Presence of God Most High--it is time essential...MOST essential! Even if You get to His throne and have nothing to say, just listen to Him!
I promise you that you will not regret it!

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