Monday, January 16, 2012


It's Monday again. I'm alive.
You are still alive, too, or you would not be reading this.
Jesus did not come over the weekend.
How unfortunate? How merciful! How loving!
Every one of us with Christ in our hearts have Heaven on our mind.
Jesus is coming again, this we know. But has he come yet in that neighbor down the road?
Has He come for the first time in the person you work next to?
Has He come yet in that person you met yesterday that assaulted your faith and cursed the very Lord that you serve?
What if Jesus is waiting for that?

It's Monday once again...
life continues on.
Yesterday's advantages
are now completely gone.
The victory that we enjoyed
is but a memory...
it is Monday once again
behold the tragedy?
Tragedy abounds, indeed,
but there is life, as well!
That life, it is alive in us
for all those bound for Hell!
What tragedy if we neglect
to be an offering,
pouring ourselves out for God,
His attributes to ring!

Tragedy abounds-
Life abounds much more!
Though this life would rip apart
He comes for to restore!
He's coming once again, we know,
to rescue and reveal,
He is here already, though,
to save and fill and heal!

Monday, Monday.
Another opportunity to share Jesus Christ with those who are dying.
Don't blow it!

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