Monday, January 30, 2012

Jesus Christ is Hope!

What have we to cling to in THIS life?

Reveal Yourself, oh Jesus, as
the Hope You truly are!
There is so much pain in this life,
and Your love goes so far...
With You within we have such purpose!
Life, it has a point!
You look inside, straight to the heart,
and know what to appoint!

Oh Lord, so many suffering...
wandering...and lost...
but purpose dwells in life in You,
for which You paid the cost!
Without You we are absolutely
blind and cannot see!
But hope, direction, peace and worth
come as You set us free!

Looking at the multitudes...
looking at the one...
You, alone, know every heart
and all that must be done!
We implore You, Jesus Christ,
come to us, have Your way!
Restore the hope we are without
here in this latter day!

Jesus Christ is the hope that this world needs.
Jesus Christ is the you that YOU need!
Trust in Him today, won't you?
He will never fail!

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