Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't give up!

How great it will be when we reach that Place where there will be no limits!
Where our abilities are not dictated by our physique!
There is a time coming when there will be no more pain. Jesus promised us that!
Oh, what a day that will be...

What a day that will be,
there in that perfect Place,
where we will see with our own eyes
Jesus, Lord of Grace!
Every reason will be clear
for all that we go through;
The change will be so wonderful,
and all things will be new!
No more need for crying there,
not any pain at all!
The chains we know from this old life
forever are to fall!
The memories of all abuse...
the scars of injury...
and pain-its each and every form-
there nevermore will be!

Oh, to think of that great day
there in that Perfect Place!
Oh, to be with Jesus Christ
who saves us by His grace!
Oh, to suffer not again
at all from anything,
but to celebrate our Jesus-
as He reigns as King!

Yes, what a day that will be
there in that Perfect Place!
How many are the ones who wait
for us to run the race?
See them as they cheer us on
through that which yet remains...
"Press on, press on, My people!""
says the One Who bore our stains!

"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Are you of that number that is looking forward to a time of refreshing in a place where there is no pain or sorrow?
There are so many who would declare that they have suffered enough pain in this life. If you are among those, I beseech you "Don't give up!"

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