Friday, January 20, 2012

The Desert Place

In places where you cannot see at all,
no ray nor rain has liberty to fall,
darkness overwhelming to the touch-
is it there 'deserted' would seem much?

But God--for He is even in that place!
And, of a truth, so plentiful His grace!
There is not a limit He could know;
thus, there is no place He cannot go!

Therefore, when in outer reaches I'm,
I am certain that He has the time
to meet me there, with living to abound!
His Presence, yes, is everywhere around!

Yes, even when I am completely blind,
my Father and my Friend I always find!

You cannot escape God. Period.
Oh, there are places and situations that feel like He is nowhere near, but it's not true.
Yes, sin separates us from Him, but you always remain in sight and within reach!
Are you in a place where you cannot 'sense' His Presence? Tell Him! He will either reaffirm His grip upon you, or He will tell you 'why' you cannot feel Him there.
Enjoy Father God's Presence today wherever you are. It will make the day that much more enjoyable!

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