Monday, January 30, 2012

Complete control

"Good morning, Lord.
What a glorious new day You have made!
Thank You for giving us the opportunity to enjoy it with You.
Lord, What do You want from us today?"

Led by One Who fully understands.
One Who does not waiver on demands.
One who knows completely what will be-
He loves and saves and gives purposefully!

That situation that demands attention...
that problem that you do not want to mention...
that doctor's office visit in two days...
He is aware, and He has all the ways!

Led By Jesus Christ-He is The One!
We can boldly cry "Thy will be done!"
Blest assurance have we in His Grace!
Jesus--He is every time and place!

Monday morning. Another full week ahead. We can only see so far into that week. Jesus is already there with us discussing how this week went. I don't understand that! But since He is constant, we can place our times into His hands and trust that He has them in complete control.
Can you?

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