Saturday, January 14, 2012


What's wrong with me?
Dear God, please teach me how to hate what You hate, while loving those involved in it.
Oh God, what's wrong with me?!
Please help me to love that person who wants to kill me because I love You.
Help me to continue to associate with the ones that reject You...and even reject me. It's not me that they are rejecting, Lord, it's You.
Please teach me to love them as You do.
Where do I draw the line between persistent ministry and 'shaking the dust off and moving on.' Is there such a place anymore?

My brother is in desperation-
can he see at all?
The higher he goes in "this life,"
deeper, he, to fall.
He laughs at those who call You 'Lord,'
he desecrates Your way;
am ever I to 'shake the dust'
deserting him for aye?

BUT GOD! Look at what I was like
when finally I saw!
You found this man disgusting,
my language then so raw!
You looked beyond the man I was,
You heard behind the front;
You had compassion on the man
so wicked and so blunt!

Oh Father, what is wrong with me?!
Should I be any less?
Your persistence paid no heed
to such a vivid mess!
Forgive me, Lord; help me to
continue reaching in
until that light flips on inside him,
showing him his sin.

Such revelation is never is always painful.
Am I going to accompany my brother through the valley, or wait for him on the other side?
Pray for me.

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