Sunday, January 1, 2012

THE Beginning!

The Lord, oh what beginning--
so glorious, so new!
Everything the past contains
is left back in the dew...
The glory of His Majesty
is newer everyday,
and all alive inside His Blood
have something new to say!

"Our Redeemer is alive!
His living overflows
to each and every person that,
His Blood-redemption, knows!
Even flowing through them to
a starving, thirsty world;
the Lord-His great beginning-unto
mankind be unfurled!"

The Lord! O what beginning-
Begin with Him today!
There be no greater 'living' than
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Know Him as your Savior, and then
know Him as your ALL!
Jesus Christ-no other 'lord-'
oh hearken to His call!

Happy New Year!
Did you break your resolution already?
Instead of a 'resolution,' how about a fresh commitment to serving God and living the life that He has planned for you? You are ordained!
Jesus is THE matter what the calendar declares.

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