Monday, January 30, 2012

Jesus Christ is Hope!

What have we to cling to in THIS life?

Reveal Yourself, oh Jesus, as
the Hope You truly are!
There is so much pain in this life,
and Your love goes so far...
With You within we have such purpose!
Life, it has a point!
You look inside, straight to the heart,
and know what to appoint!

Oh Lord, so many suffering...
wandering...and lost...
but purpose dwells in life in You,
for which You paid the cost!
Without You we are absolutely
blind and cannot see!
But hope, direction, peace and worth
come as You set us free!

Looking at the multitudes...
looking at the one...
You, alone, know every heart
and all that must be done!
We implore You, Jesus Christ,
come to us, have Your way!
Restore the hope we are without
here in this latter day!

Jesus Christ is the hope that this world needs.
Jesus Christ is the you that YOU need!
Trust in Him today, won't you?
He will never fail!

Complete control

"Good morning, Lord.
What a glorious new day You have made!
Thank You for giving us the opportunity to enjoy it with You.
Lord, What do You want from us today?"

Led by One Who fully understands.
One Who does not waiver on demands.
One who knows completely what will be-
He loves and saves and gives purposefully!

That situation that demands attention...
that problem that you do not want to mention...
that doctor's office visit in two days...
He is aware, and He has all the ways!

Led By Jesus Christ-He is The One!
We can boldly cry "Thy will be done!"
Blest assurance have we in His Grace!
Jesus--He is every time and place!

Monday morning. Another full week ahead. We can only see so far into that week. Jesus is already there with us discussing how this week went. I don't understand that! But since He is constant, we can place our times into His hands and trust that He has them in complete control.
Can you?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time again...

Ahhh...with my Jesus now and I am spent.
He spoke to me of places and I went.
He set up each appointment that I made;
for Him have I labored and I played.

But now, I'm in His Presence and I rest.
With His perfect peace I am so blest.
There is so much to do but not right now.
Communion with the One Who seals my vow.

There is no other place of restoration.
So beautiful, the Lord's regeneration!
Refreshing and renewing is His Presence!
So permanent the glory of His essence!

Communion with Jesus. Just you and the Lord.
There is so much healing in just His Presence.
There is so much said by Him...even without a single word!
What a personal Savior!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Seeing proof again that He
is always in control;
feeling precious evidence
that I have been made whole;
walking through the beauty that
He makes for us by hand;
confessing from the depths again
"I do not understand!"

I tell Him I don't understand,
He just smiles back at me
reminding, once again, there is
so much I will not see!
And as I commit the same
complete into His trust,
understanding everything
no longer is a must!

Seeing once again...and
savoring that precious sight!
In the fullness of His grace
taking great delight!
In a place that any man
His Glory may behold;
let nothing of this life prevent
obtaining that so bold!

There is a certain boldness that belongs to them that are born-again and trusting in Him.
We may not always have the answer to what is going on, but there is an awesome assurance that God remains in control in spite of "things."
Do you have that assurance? It is becoming more and more necessary, and it is only found in Jesus.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This relates to every one of us.
But why?

Faces in the crowd...
is honesty allowed?
How many the facade?
Look closer and see God!

So many opportunities-
how many do I miss?
How many do I flat ignore?
(Should even ponder this?)

Faces in the crowd...
The need is surely here;
let NOTHING interfere!

Once again in a waiting room.
Faces wondering...eyes wandering...
One of the very few places where we are all connected...
Can I pray for you?

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Desert Place

In places where you cannot see at all,
no ray nor rain has liberty to fall,
darkness overwhelming to the touch-
is it there 'deserted' would seem much?

But God--for He is even in that place!
And, of a truth, so plentiful His grace!
There is not a limit He could know;
thus, there is no place He cannot go!

Therefore, when in outer reaches I'm,
I am certain that He has the time
to meet me there, with living to abound!
His Presence, yes, is everywhere around!

Yes, even when I am completely blind,
my Father and my Friend I always find!

You cannot escape God. Period.
Oh, there are places and situations that feel like He is nowhere near, but it's not true.
Yes, sin separates us from Him, but you always remain in sight and within reach!
Are you in a place where you cannot 'sense' His Presence? Tell Him! He will either reaffirm His grip upon you, or He will tell you 'why' you cannot feel Him there.
Enjoy Father God's Presence today wherever you are. It will make the day that much more enjoyable!


Morning begins.
Creator God creating...
Landscape-so varying...
scenery of insane variety!
Colors so vivid on the horizon...each mirrored with perfection on the streams...

The duties of the day,
they seem so far away;
the Presence of The King
outshining everything!
He brings such new creation
and causes such ovation
from life and from the land--
o seek to understand!

Enjoy the glory of His creation.
Stop long enough to recognize God...then enjoy the glory of His creation!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


...on the way to a foreign place...
flying down the doesn't make the trip any shorter...
WHOA!!!! Back there!! In that tree!!! TURN AROUND, HONEY! HURRY!
There it is! A BALD EAGLE! Right here beside the road?!
Beautiful. Brown...shiny white...golden beak...beautiful.
Get the camera, hon, quick! I forgot how to use this phone!
Ah....c'mon! There he goes...

Slow-motion on a gust...
absolute, the trust!
An icon flies away,
what can poets say?
The eagle in its flight-
Hail! What grand delight!
God be glorified,
His grace solidified!

It was awesome!

Monday, January 16, 2012


I know that in this life I am,
I am not alone.
God has made me be assured
His Presence, it is known!
Too, He blesses us with friends
and family who care.
No matter what we're going through,
there's someone that can share!

God assures us yet again
And that which we are going through,
the same is not unknown!
God assures us yet again
Cling to Him and don't let go!
Know, and do not doubt!

"God assures us yet again...""
and Christ to reaffirm!
The care that God has for us each,
it has not any 'term!'
He loves us and He always will,
He lives and will not leave!
Oh cling to Him! Commit Your life
to Jesus and believe!!

Oh, "blessed assurance!" It is more than a song, it is a way of life!
"Peace that passes all understanding..."
Sure, it is Scripture, but it's also reality!
Know that Peace and Assurance and reside in constant Presence that will never leave you nor forsake you!
You will never be alone!

Wonderful Love!

So wonderful, the great affection
Father has for me!
So very real, the love He has,
look, ye sinner, see!
The same love that He has for me
is also for your own!
Give your life to Him by Whom
you are already known!

How wonderful, the love of God,
and beautiful, as well!
So great the love that made escape
from the fires of Hell!
So glorious, the creation
He made you to be!
Remember Him before He calls
into eternity!

Remember Him into Your heart
while this life yet allows.
Before it is too late, affirm
to Him eternal vows!
You are made of His great love
to trust Him and obey;
Affirm yourself to His affection
'fore is come That Day!

God's love is still available...Jesus is coming...Hell is for real...
I know, you've 'heard it for years...'
But that just means that we are that much closer!!


It's Monday again. I'm alive.
You are still alive, too, or you would not be reading this.
Jesus did not come over the weekend.
How unfortunate? How merciful! How loving!
Every one of us with Christ in our hearts have Heaven on our mind.
Jesus is coming again, this we know. But has he come yet in that neighbor down the road?
Has He come for the first time in the person you work next to?
Has He come yet in that person you met yesterday that assaulted your faith and cursed the very Lord that you serve?
What if Jesus is waiting for that?

It's Monday once again...
life continues on.
Yesterday's advantages
are now completely gone.
The victory that we enjoyed
is but a memory...
it is Monday once again
behold the tragedy?
Tragedy abounds, indeed,
but there is life, as well!
That life, it is alive in us
for all those bound for Hell!
What tragedy if we neglect
to be an offering,
pouring ourselves out for God,
His attributes to ring!

Tragedy abounds-
Life abounds much more!
Though this life would rip apart
He comes for to restore!
He's coming once again, we know,
to rescue and reveal,
He is here already, though,
to save and fill and heal!

Monday, Monday.
Another opportunity to share Jesus Christ with those who are dying.
Don't blow it!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Times of Living

So true: The times of living
are ordered and are known.
We are not without, for we
are very surely known!
Nothing happens to us that would
take Him by surprise;
and all that will be seen has been
already in His eyes.
Therefore, the times of living,
however they appear,
should never be discounted-
for God is always here!
He knows each situation,
and He will not forsake!
Through every time of living,
your life, He'll safely take!
And so-the times of living,
for they can be redeemed!
Give yourself to service, with
the angels you'll be teamed!
Take the Gospel deep inside you,
share with every man,
and know the times of victory
the Father only can!

The times of your life. Was God there? IS God there? Will He be there?
Of course the answer to those questions is "Yes!" But do we trust Him enough to go through those times, however painful they be, with the same assurance?

Saturday, January 14, 2012


What's wrong with me?
Dear God, please teach me how to hate what You hate, while loving those involved in it.
Oh God, what's wrong with me?!
Please help me to love that person who wants to kill me because I love You.
Help me to continue to associate with the ones that reject You...and even reject me. It's not me that they are rejecting, Lord, it's You.
Please teach me to love them as You do.
Where do I draw the line between persistent ministry and 'shaking the dust off and moving on.' Is there such a place anymore?

My brother is in desperation-
can he see at all?
The higher he goes in "this life,"
deeper, he, to fall.
He laughs at those who call You 'Lord,'
he desecrates Your way;
am ever I to 'shake the dust'
deserting him for aye?

BUT GOD! Look at what I was like
when finally I saw!
You found this man disgusting,
my language then so raw!
You looked beyond the man I was,
You heard behind the front;
You had compassion on the man
so wicked and so blunt!

Oh Father, what is wrong with me?!
Should I be any less?
Your persistence paid no heed
to such a vivid mess!
Forgive me, Lord; help me to
continue reaching in
until that light flips on inside him,
showing him his sin.

Such revelation is never is always painful.
Am I going to accompany my brother through the valley, or wait for him on the other side?
Pray for me.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Only Jesus

In the quiet of the moment...
the intimacy of only Jesus.
Can you handle such a time?
There are so many of US who just cannot seem to be content with 'doing nothing' for a certain length of time!
It is a challenge.
It is a challenge put to us by Jesus Himself when He tells us to set apart time for only Him.

In moments oh so precious
but all throughout the day,
places so remote, yet
everywhere along The Way,
Jesus--He is present and
so active in this place!
And fortunate, the ones that take
advantage of His grace!

Making every moment count
because He is at hand;
being all I can for Jesus
through His each command;
knowing all of life is ordered-
oh, to celebrate!
On the the valley...
God remains so great!

Those moments--oh so precious,
they 'happen' without end!
Make the most and savor them
with Jesus--Savior, Friend!
It is His grace alone allowing
ANY time at all!
Moments oh so precious-
fruits of Jesus' call!

Whatever your calling...whatever your duties in this life, if you avail yourself to His will there will surely be 'times of refreshing.' Make the most of those times by KNOWING that Jesus is right there with you...right there through whatever emotion you are in...right there, closer than a brother, letting you know it's alright.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Truth of Joy!

"What is truth?"
The question has been around for as long as we can recall.
Even Pilate asked Jesus the very question!
"I write with confidence as the Holy Spirit inspires and instructs me."
That very statement may irritate some, but it is truth. I have had no formal training in fundamental English or verse, yet these poems flow from me for some reason. That's the truth.
Another truth is that in spite of the disasters going in in the world and even in my own life, I can have joy. There is a certain type of joy one can possess that is untouchable by situations of this life.
Do you have that joy?

Joy--so overflowing-
and Jesus is the Source!
That 'noise' so very deep within-
what an awesome force!
The very power of His Blood
confidently known
causes His rejoicing to
become my very own!

Hallelujah! Blessed be
the Lord--for He is God!
Hallelujah! Hear the hosts
of Heaven now applaud!
Hallelujah! Naught could hinder
praise from everyman!
Everlasting Joy! It is
the Father's very plan!

"Joy unspeakable..." but will I
endeavor to record
that happiness so deep within
none other to afford!
Jesus Christ-so deep within
that nothing will dissuade;
thus, so very confident
have I been surely made!

That confidence. That Joy. That TRUTH. No other source but Jesus Christ!
Whatever comes my way, I have Him in my heart to help me handle it and still retain that joy.
Get that joy for your own!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't give up!

How great it will be when we reach that Place where there will be no limits!
Where our abilities are not dictated by our physique!
There is a time coming when there will be no more pain. Jesus promised us that!
Oh, what a day that will be...

What a day that will be,
there in that perfect Place,
where we will see with our own eyes
Jesus, Lord of Grace!
Every reason will be clear
for all that we go through;
The change will be so wonderful,
and all things will be new!
No more need for crying there,
not any pain at all!
The chains we know from this old life
forever are to fall!
The memories of all abuse...
the scars of injury...
and pain-its each and every form-
there nevermore will be!

Oh, to think of that great day
there in that Perfect Place!
Oh, to be with Jesus Christ
who saves us by His grace!
Oh, to suffer not again
at all from anything,
but to celebrate our Jesus-
as He reigns as King!

Yes, what a day that will be
there in that Perfect Place!
How many are the ones who wait
for us to run the race?
See them as they cheer us on
through that which yet remains...
"Press on, press on, My people!""
says the One Who bore our stains!

"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Are you of that number that is looking forward to a time of refreshing in a place where there is no pain or sorrow?
There are so many who would declare that they have suffered enough pain in this life. If you are among those, I beseech you "Don't give up!"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

THE Peace

Can any poet find the words
to know the peace I know?
How many persons know the path
that I so freely go?
What are the results of any
quest you undertake?
All of it is fruitless unless
Jesus is the take!

Oh, the peace that I enjoy
in spite of any day!
Though a poet I remain,
what more can this man say?
Jesus-my serenity, yes,
Jesus Christ-my Peace!
All the stresses in this life...
in Him have I release!

Peace-His Name is Jesus-He
defies mine every word!
I only have to speak His Name,
oh yes, what peace occurred!
No need for any other, as
there be none to replace!
Jesus Christ-Prince of Peace-
the Father's gift of grace!

Peace. His Name is Jesus.
Do you know Peace?
Whatever you read from this writer, it is my prayer that it all points you toward Jesus Christ-THE Prince of Peace!
When you get there, you will see, too, that His peace is so often beyond words!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


"Talk to me, Lord Jesus, I need
once more hear Your voice;
that sound that causes peace inside
and makes me to rejoice!
Your words are always perfect,
so old and always new;
Your message is refreshing even
as the morning dew!

Converse with me again, my Savior,
life to be addressed.
Straighten out the situations
I seem to have messed.
Your wording is so careful,
so healing and direct;
everything You say to me
I certainly respect!

Talk to me, Lord Jesus,
I am still and I will hear.
I will heed what You will say,
for life, it is severe!
You know exactly what to do
in every situation;
Talk to me, oh Lord...for it
is MORE than 'conversation!'"

Talking with Jesus. Conversing with God, Himself! Talk about 'redeeming the time!'
As you begin the new year, make sure that talking with God is part of your daily life. He loves hearing from you!

More than Emotion

Have you done anything 'new' now that it is a 'new' year?
What about more time with God?

"O God, that I might understand
the fullness of Your grace!
It's far more than mere 'feeling' as
I look into Your face!
I am adopted to Yourself
due Jesus' perfect love;
Your mercies, they envelope me, God,
even as a glove!
Your tender mercies, o my God,
but WHO could comprehend?!
The love You have for each of us,
it shall not ever end!
The Place You have prepared for us
because of Your great grace
there, the reason for Your Gift-
will any man embrace?

O God, will ever anyone
perceive Yourself complete?
Each time in Your Presence is
my wonderment replete!
Only to refresh, refill
the heart of me to cry
and take that which You give to me
to man and prophesy!"

Time in the Presence of God Most High--it is time essential...MOST essential! Even if You get to His throne and have nothing to say, just listen to Him!
I promise you that you will not regret it!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


In The Presence once again,
sitting at His feet.
The love that's present in this place
makes all of life complete!
There is no location to
compare to such as this;
make each and all assurance that
this place is not to miss!

In the Presence of The King
and Royalty about.
In the splendor of this place
I want to sing and shout!
But silence is to captivate
and awe to overtake!
Jesus Christ--all adoration
is for His own sake!

Oh, the Presence...oh, the Glory...
oh, behold the grace!
Take His fullness deep inside,
nothing to replace!
Make Jesus Christ your everything
and live by His commands;
be, unto your dying world,
His living, reaching hands!

Jesus is alive inside of you, and you are alive inside this world. What are you going to do?
There is a lost and dying world out there...they hunger and thirst for what you possess!
Go ye unto all the world...

THE Beginning!

The Lord, oh what beginning--
so glorious, so new!
Everything the past contains
is left back in the dew...
The glory of His Majesty
is newer everyday,
and all alive inside His Blood
have something new to say!

"Our Redeemer is alive!
His living overflows
to each and every person that,
His Blood-redemption, knows!
Even flowing through them to
a starving, thirsty world;
the Lord-His great beginning-unto
mankind be unfurled!"

The Lord! O what beginning-
Begin with Him today!
There be no greater 'living' than
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Know Him as your Savior, and then
know Him as your ALL!
Jesus Christ-no other 'lord-'
oh hearken to His call!

Happy New Year!
Did you break your resolution already?
Instead of a 'resolution,' how about a fresh commitment to serving God and living the life that He has planned for you? You are ordained!
Jesus is THE matter what the calendar declares.