Friday, December 23, 2011

Wish List

"All I want for Christmas is...
Lord, I know that You know all things and can provide all things, but don't you ever tire of listening to me ask for 'stuff?'
Lord, what do YOU want for Christmas? It's YOUR birthday!
How about peace on earth?
I heard one person say "Jesus can do all things, so if there is going to be 'peace on earth,' He is the One to make it happen."
What kind of 'things' do You desire, Lord?
Am I living the kind of life that will produce those 'things?'
Lord, please help me be what You want me to be. I yield myself now.
Please help me to do that which You want done. I avail myself anew.
Please help me to deny my self and once again be used in the events that You have planned.

All I want for Christmas is...
too much more than I need!
All I want is You, Lord, to
ensure that I be freed
from my addiction to the 'stuff'
that matters not at all!
Though none of it be 'evil,'

it may interfere with 'call.'

'All I want for Christmas...' it is
nothing to desire
when I think of You, Lord, and
the fullness You require!
Free me from the 'want' for more
that I might realize
that You are greater than my want
and right before my eyes!"

Talk to Jesus about your 'wish list.'

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