Friday, December 30, 2011

What do YOU see?

Watching morning develop...
those upon the wing escorting it along...(MANY upon the wing!)
As they amass, their words become a discussion, then discussion becomes a cacophony of praise that cannot be reproduced!
Are they talking about the colors that The Artist used to create the eastern dawn?
Are they reminding each other how wonderful the Artist's provisions are?
Again, the discussion becomes clamorous as they eventually pass...onto the next piece of land that needs reminding.
What are the noises of your morning declaring? Are they murmuring about yet another day at the grind, or are they rejoicing over another opportunity to serve God and watch Him work?

Morning comes so beautiful and new;
many lives join in to see the view!
So glorious, the anthem life would raise!
So worthy, The Creator, of our praise!

What do you see in your morning? Is it just another day...filled with the mundane? It can be a glorious new day filled with beholding the hand of God in as many places as you allow!

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