Tuesday, December 13, 2011


A lonely manger in a field somewhere?
Just another baby?

All the steps that had to be-
BUT GOD already knows...
His love, His mercy, His concern-
BUT GOD, without end, shows...
All the best that He possesses
gives He unto all-
He has the steps of all your life
securely in His call!

All the steps that had to be
are ordered and secure;
if there be silence in that place,
how many can endure?
All the steps that have to be,
they have an order, too;
the leaders in the highest places...
God knows what to do!
He raises up, He razes down,
He blesses, He deposes;
not everything inside His call
is going to come up roses!

All the steps inside this life,
they are completely known-
He is The Maker of this life-
commit to Him Your own!

God is life!
All that Jesus endured was known and ordained on a date that we cannot fathom!
He has a specific purpose for you and this life that you are living in!
He loves you so much that he even has your days ordered!
Are you willing to submit and live that sure path?

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