Saturday, December 10, 2011

The "Season"

Merry everyday?
Two ways to look at it:
1. The world has made Christmas 'just another day.'
2. Jesus is worth celebrating everyday as much as He is celebrated...should be celebrated this time of year.
Let us see to it that the latter is true, but do not miss the opportunity to shine Him through our lives as we go through this 'season!'

In the bustle of the season,
let us not forget THE reason:
Jesus Christ is born to us this day!
We celebrate His special birth
as we dream of peace on earth,
by sending alms and offerings His way.
"A precious Babe in Bethlehem"
is how the world envisions Him,
humble, in a manger, meek and low...."
But "Regal and Omnipotent...
just, and yet compassionate,"
is how, this little manger Child, I know!
And deeper knowledge so reveals
that way this humble servant feels
about the Savior Whom this day is for:
I love Him more than anything!
He makes my heart and soul to sing!
And I will reverence Him forevermore!

So, gazing on The Child yonder,
make our every sense to ponder
He is alive in majesty
and waiting for The Trump is He
to come and take His Bride, the Church, away!!

In 'season' and out, be ye ready for that Trumpet blast!!

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