Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Righteous!

"Your absolute integrity-
God, who could understand?
You proceed with purity
as I, before You, stand!
You look upon me with Your eyes,
but judgment is not yet;
only outright sanctity
from You will this man get!

You listen to me with intent;
still, no decision be.
You will not come to an assessment
til, my heart, You see!
Righteousness--it is the belt
about Your very Being,
therefore, my reality
is all that You are seeing!

There is NOT another God-
nothing else compares!
Not a thing known unto Us,
Your righteousness, impairs!
You cannot look upon me lest
Your Son stands in between;
for I must don His purity
if I am to be seen!

Your righteousness is tantamount
if I am to commune.
O purify these filthy rags, Lord,
that I be immune!"

Do I pray to be 'righteous?'
The Word declares that "there is none righteous, no, not one!"
Is that a license, therefore, to be unrighteous? Of course not!
I must strive in all that I am to be more like Jesus every day! It is a journey, not just a destination. And since we are commanded to do so, it surely must be possible.
Join me in such pursuit.

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