Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Joy to the Lord!

Joy to the Lord--the One of joy--
He dances over us!
He looks at God and points at you
and makes a joyous fuss!
Rejoicing over us, He plots
and plans our good always.
Submit to God; commit to give Him
each and all your ways!

Joy to the Lord--the One of Grace--
He gave what we could not.
Because of Who and What He is
eternal life we've got!
If you have given Him your heart,
He has it for His Own;
and all your days are settled!
Your eternity is known!

Joy to the Lord--the One of life--
and that abundantly!
Give to Him--He multiplies
in ways that cannot be!
Through Him, you will give, and it
is given unto all!
Joy to the Lord--it is the season--
hearken to His call!

Sure, there are vestiges of Jesus all around right now, because it is Christmas! But should we not be CELEBRATING Him all year long? Look what He does for us ALL YEAR LONG! He celebrates you and I!
Jesus Christ is worth our time, our talents, our very lives!
Spend your life celebrating Jesus...not just Christmas!

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