Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So many are the issues
that seek to steal our joy;
so very many obstacles
attempting to annoy...
But One have we to stable us
upon the Narrow Way,
His Name, His Name is Jesus Christ
and He is all my stay!

So very many issues,
they are but irritations;
I do not have to give them place
because I have Relation!
Jesus--He is overcoming
all of this for me!
I only have to speak His Name
and stand in victory!!

"So very many issues..."
but Jesus, He is more!
His glory and His majesty
but my resolve be for!
The many irritations
are temporary so;
and He will keep me from the storm
or, through it with me, go!

"Irritations--" blessings in disguise?
Jesus Christ alone to know the wise!
Cling to Him! Cling to Him through it all!
O so glorious, His settled call!

Jesus paid it all.
He knows all you are going through at all times.
Somehow, (somehow?) those issues and irritations will be used for His glory and your benefit.
I don't know how, I only know that it is true.
Trust Jesus!

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