Saturday, December 3, 2011

In the Glory

The glory and the majesty
in the house to know!
So many are the avenues
the Spirit is to flow.
in the house throughout...
it sings above all inhibitions,
drowning fear and doubt!

O glorious! Ye song of holiness
we sing anew!
We taste of the sweet nourishment
and freshness of your dew!
"There is none like You!" But it
is once again our truth;
for You have seen us faithfully
but ever since our youth!

all glory is Your own!
You are the only song that
captivates our very tone!
Sing to us! Sing through us!
Be all that may be heard!
We so desire the fullness of You--
Jesus--Living Word!"

Sing His song, ye people! Allow Jesus to sing through you!
Are you an avenue of His message to your world?
He wants you to be!

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