Thursday, December 15, 2011

In the early Early...

Silence by the Christmas Tree-
too numerous, the thought;
very few be recollections
there of something 'bought;'
front and center be the love
of family and Lord;
regardless of the 'merchandise'
it's always time adored!
This time of seeing Jesus,
once again, so new!!
The details of The Miracle
to silence in the dew...
knowing of the love involved
of all who gather near,
Christmas comes to life anew
and even much more dear!

Silence by the Christmas Tree
with Jesus here beside.
In conversation with my Lord-
the best of 'seasontide!'
Shut the bustle out to focus
on the center of
the reason for The Holiday-
Jesus, King of Love!

Again, I encourage each of you, don't let the 'commercial' rob you of the essential: time with Jesus during His birthday! It is the most affordable gift you can give or receive, yet some completely overlook it...if not flat-out ignore it!
Spend some quiet time with Jesus this Christmas.

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