Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gift of Joy

It is a gift come with a price. Hmmm...oxymoron?
The gift of joy is free because someone already paid for it.
It is a gift given of the greatest love to ever be!
It is a gift...
The writer could use volumes to record, relate, depict the gift of God in Jesus Christ, but until one experiences this gift personally, they may remain 'just words.'
Know Jesus! Know the life that He is for yourself!

Christmas and the world is reacting.
Christmas, what a gift from God Most High!
Christmas--it is God come dwell among us:
it is Jesus come for you and I!
Much more than fancy packages
beneath a gilded tree...
greater than the fortune that
is spent by such as we...
more than merely several weeks
that culminate each year...
Christmas--it is Jesus Christ--
hold Him oh so near!

Christmas, and the world is reacting-
how will you react unto the world?
We must be there for them with our Savior-
His mercy, love and grace to be unfurled!
Christmas and the world is reacting-
they are crying out for Christ the Son!!
In the honest spirit of the season,
cry out to God "Your will, not mine, be done!"

"Joy to the world."
That is the gift we have and our assignment.
Make sure that Jesus is front and center as you live Christmas!

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