Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Word

Early once again...

So beautiful the day,
quiet as of yet...
dew upon the land to glisten-
scarcely is it wet;
How many are the birds that are
to herald morning tide?
How many colors on the wing?
Creation to confide!

"Beautiful, ye day at hand;
what life, what life awaits!
There are some that just cannot wait
to get out of the gates!
But wait! Take but a moment to
behold Creator God!
In the silence of the morn,
hear land and limb applaud!

So beautiful, the day, and oh
so long the list of tasks.
But start the day with God! For He
responds to Him Who asks!
How many are the evidences
of His Presence nigh?
As many as the heart receives
while voices prophesy!

Prophecy happens.
Voices happen.
Are you receptive?
Pay attention and join creation as God is being glorified!

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