Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Goodbye to you, I finally arrove.
Before is but a great and grander trove!
Do I consider "wasted," time before?
NO WAY! For it has brought me to this door!

Goodbye to you, I finally advance.
I've heard the music, now I get to dance!
The freedom I have heard for now so long,
I taste...and none shall tell me it is wrong!

Goodbye to you...I finally am free!
Not any kind of shackle knowing me!
Rewards, they are for greater, this I know,
but unto Christ alone now I will go!

Yes, there are treasures waiting in Heaven for us that not even a poet could express, to great to even imagine! But first, I WANT TO SEE JESUS!!
We will have all eternity to spend enjoying the 'things' that are said to be 'stored up' for us, but spending time with Jesus is still at the top of my list.
What about you?

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