Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Christmas season, or Christmas way of life?
It must be more than one day!
It MUST be more than seasonal!
Our celebration of Jesus must not only be more than any of that, it must be VISIBLE!!
Can this world SEE Jesus in you?

See and hear the season changing,
winter draweth nigh...
It is certainly a thing to 'feel,'
and known unto the eye;
but just how 'seasonal' is Jesus
in all of our living?
He must be 'something' each of us
so constantly are giving!

Is there enough of Christ within
for you to give away?
Surely there are those who need Him
all about your day!
Jesus is The Way!
And we are charged with sharing Him...
how many will obey?

We are to be overflowing
in and out of season!
We are living vessels, yes,
and Jesus is the reason!
We may not be popular,
or even deemed 'correct,'
but we contain the Life of which
each heart must intersect!

Christmas. LIVE WITH IT!
CHRISTMAS--give it away!!
(It's o.k.)

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