Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Somewhere...

Gathered at the Christmas Tree...what a blessing each year!
Of course, the greatest blessing pertains to another tree, and the one we see each December is symbolic of it.
There are some, however, that will be alone where they are.
Let us not forget to pray for them.

At the Christmas Tree alone;
a fraction of what has been known.
It's fullness, though, to represent
as they recall why they are sent...

Alone around a Christmas Tree,
huddled by a branch or three;
memories, the only gifts
as, through the rubble, each one sifts...

A Tree erected where they can
to celebrate a single Man.
Whatever vestige of The Man
and His One redemption plan.
No choirs singing in the street...
no loved ones at the door to meet...
no children playing at their feet--
a mission have they to complete.
A mess hall for a dining room...
a radio to break the gloom...
yet they make the very most-
faithful to their every post!

At a Christmas Tree alone-
for some, the first time it is known,
for all, however, do we pray
for God's protection Christmas Day!
Each remain secure in heart
as they carry out their part;
Protect them, Father, as they serve;
give each the Christmas they deserve.

There are those with loved ones yet 'over there;'
there are some whose loved ones will not be returning. Christmas will be different this year.
Let us each be sensitive to this and reach out.

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