Monday, December 26, 2011

Celebrating yet...

"Day after Christmas."
What does it mean to culture?
Despite the emotions it may conjure, there is still a celebration Somewhere:

Choirs without number and
so varied in the voice
delivering that message that
is true and greatest choice!
All Heaven to react as they
would serenade the King!
Join with them! Give all your breath!

Jesus and His glory as
His day is come once more...
Jesus and His glory--all
eternity is for!
Jesus and His glory! Join
the everlasting song!
The melody, for it will last
as ages roll along!

Christmas come and go?
Christmas yet residing
in the hearts of the redeemed,
holy and exciting!
We celebrate the King of Kings,
come in such low estate,
and hail Him as our ONLY king
so good and oh so great!

Jesus IS!
Surely He has come. Surely He has lived. Surely He has died. Surely He is yet alive and inviting one and all to realize that Christmas is not just one day per annum!
Celebrate Jesus Christ everyday...all day long...constantly! He is worthy!

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