Wednesday, December 14, 2011


"At such a time as this..."
When all the world around may only see a baby in some hay, His Own see Jesus as The Greatest Gift of all from THE Loving God!

Fall in adoration of Him,
Jesus Christ alone!
Affirm His Lordship! Freely love
the Lamb upon the Throne!
The Lord-for He is God and He
is worthy of all praise;
for He is Life beyond this life
where are no longer days!

"Jesus, all eternity
is satisfied in You,
and it shall take eternity
to render what is due!
A debt that I could never pay
is settled--it is sealed;
and, glory, it eternity,
the same shall be revealed!"

beautiful is He!
All creation, all bow down
to the One and Three!
There is not another God,
none other is the same!
"An honor and a privilege
it is to bless Your Name!"

So very fortunate are those belonging to Jesus Christ!
There are benefits to such that are provided nowhere else, and attained through nothing else!
Give your heart to Jesus and live life to the full!

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