Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wonderful Calling!

"I love to hear Your voice as You
affirm that I'm Your son!
I love the peace that life becomes
when You say "It is done."
Oh Lord, each affirmation come
from being by Your side
enables me to onward press;
I will not be denied!"

O wonderful relationship
with God--Almighty God!
The senses that are all this man
His attributes applaud!
He is so very personal
He is so very real;
the peace that is as He converses-
oh, what blessed feel!

"I love to hear Your voice, and I
respond unto the same.
How can I vocalize it when
You call me by my name?!
O wonderful relationship
availed unto all...
I am so very happy I
responded to Your Call!"

And so He calls to everyone...everyone!
The only matter is our response to that call.
Listen for Him and do all that you can to affirm His calling upon your life! It is wonderful!

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