Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Autumn leaf at a time...sounds familiar...

the faint and the familiar
yet again to fall...
I turn around, before I know,
November comes to call!
How will be remembered
the time that has amassed?
Will only be the 'visible'
upon the memory cast?
But what have I done with Jesus,
the One Who saved my soul?
Did I explain to anyone
how life can be made whole?
Did I tell anyone the meaning
of true liberation?
Or how His own Blood supplies
health and restoration?

Seasons come and go in life-
do I affect the same?
Just if I exemplify
the Power in His Name!
Not only is life visible
in seasons on the land,
it is supplied to one and all
as we apply His hand!

Seasons come and go. God remains.
We can see how seasons affect life, ALL life, but God has a greater affect!
Will you share Jesus with someone today?
You never know what season they are going through.

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