Friday, November 11, 2011

Those people...

Who can know the depth of their emotions?
Only one whose been there in their shoes!
Who can figure out the way they figure?

Only everyone whose 'paid their dues!'
They stop whenever there's a convoy passing...
they bow at every patriotic song;
they deserve our every thanksgiving!
They are the reason freedom moves along!

Who can know the memories they carry?
Again, how do the same affect each life?
The discipline, the character within them,
developed through a period of strife.
Can that person know the thanks within me
that I contain for everything they've done?
Do they know that I respect them greatly
and that I pray for them in Christ, the Son?

I watch the leaves, so peacefully cascading...
I watch in peace because of veterans' deeds.
I watch and pray for each of them this morning,
pray that God would meet all of their needs!

I am so grateful!
We need to reach that place where each of us are grateful for what our veterans do for this country, and stop moaning and arguing over them for following orders.
Pray for them. They need our prayers.
Thank them. They deserve our gratitude...EVERY DAY!

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