Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The season of giving...but there is more!
The season of gathering together...but there is more!
The season of restoring relationship...but there MUST be more!
What can there be to "season" that might last longer than a season?
What can there be to "Christmas" that lasts a lifetime...even eternally?
JESUS! It has to be Jesus!
Make Jesus central to this 'season' and it WILL BE most memorable!
To all of my family, friends and 'readers,' Jesus is the center of this man's life, and He is my wish to you and yours this 'season...' and always!!

"Jesus-You are surely more
than just a holiday!
Every moment in You, Lord,
I seek no other way!
I revel in the celebrations
come this time of year,
oh, but ever-constant be
the Source of Joy and Cheer!

Jesus-You are more than life,
and life is come from You!
We celebrate Your life because
You make all things anew!
We celebrate 'cause You are Lord-
God come to us all,
come 'in season,' yet availed
whenever we should call!

Lord Jesus Christ-more and more
than 'season' may contain!
You are Lord, and far beyond
all season is Your reign!
In that place where 'season,' it be
just a memory
You are alive and You sustain
the chosen such as we!"

When Christmas is over, is your attention to Him over for 11 months? I surely hope not! Be it true that 'Christmas' be just a culmination of celebrating Him all year long!

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