Thursday, November 10, 2011


Riding on the rays of morning
through the glory dawn,
God the Father, God Creator,
settles on the lawn.
He's waiting there to walk with me,
He's anxious to converse;
He desires to hear the things
that I cannot rehearse.
So, in the dew of morning,
at anybody's pace,
He talks to me and listens as
He looks into my face.
He understands the things that others
cannot comprehend;
what else should I expect from One
Who calls me His own friend?

Again, the morning beckons...
no way shall I refuse!
Time with God Almighty has
so many revenues!
Not the least, the healing of
just being in His space;
Call upon Him for yourself,
your morning to embrace!

What a way to start the day!
Though God is right here with me at all times, to see the rays of morning bids me see Him arriving to greet me! GLORIOUS!
See Him for yourself!

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