Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Prayer Request

"I bring You my petition,
You take it as Your own.
Very soon, fruition
of each request is known.
Some answers are quite timely,
some others, not at all.
But this I know, each one of them
is known unto Your call.

So much of what I ask for
is selfish and unwise.
You see through my self and, thus,
the best I realize.
There's little explanation for
what You do and do not,
but this I know, the very best
is all that You have got!

You see me and You hear me,
You answer me always.
I will continue trusting You
and giving You all praise.
And You'll keep on supplying
what You see as the best.
You are the One Who answers prayer,
and we, the ones so blessed!"

Still praying for something?
Maybe God has answered it and His answer is not quite what you are looking for?
Don't stop praying, but don't put God in a box and expect His answer to be exactly on your terms.

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