Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, so blessed!

I am so blessed!
We are so blessed!
So very blessed are them that are able to proclaim how many years they have been married!
Is every day perfect? No.
Is there ever pain? Oh, yes!
Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!
Join us in celebrating 30 years together.
Congratulate Debby for enduring 30 years with me.

How many are the memories behind us?
(How often have we vowed to not look back?)
Oh, but days are full of good and growing-
the promises of God--He is not slack!
Look at you, still the love of my life,
still so beautiful to look upon.
All the reasons I wanted to marry,
all of them continue to go on!

How many are the memories behind us?
Not as many as those yet ahead!
Not a thing has changed, my blessed Debby,
and there is not another I would wed!

Thank you, honey, for 30 years together.
Thank You, Jesus, for 30 years with her!
I am blessed!!

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