Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Morning Glory

O Glory of the morning,
but what is time to You?!
Your light is shed but constantly...
how, then, is something new?
The Word of God is plain:
"There's nothing new beneath the sun..."
it yet goes on to say Your mercies,

never are they done!

O Glory of the morning,
can You be understood?
You declare Your Presence and
it's always for our good!
You shine upon our day, our deeds,
no matter what they be...
oh, be it true that ours will stand
the trials that must be!

O glory of the morning-
Jesus-Lord of all,
here we are, and we avail
ourselves unto Your call!
See that we be faithful in
that hour just ahead;
oh shine upon us as we bow
desiring to be led."

The days that are...times are going to get tough. Yes, it can be worse...and it will be.
Will you be able to stand firm through that which is ahead?
Reaffirm your commitment to matter what!

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