Thursday, November 10, 2011


Oh, the glory of creation. But God is more.
You see pages, even volumes from this man about the beauty of His creation. But He is so much more!
I can use all kinds of words and phrases to describe His creation and His touch, but unless you know Him and His touch on a personal level, these may only be a pile of words!
All of these verses will be gone someday, but God will go on. Will you go on with Him?
These words will be forgotten easily, but there are some words that will be remembered forever: your verbal commitment asking Jesus into your heart!
Have you done that yet?
You have to in order to have your sins forgiven and make it into Heaven. But there is more!!
It's not just 'fire insurance,' it's a whole new level of life abundant!
Though I be a man of words, there are just some things too wonderful and too complex for words. Such is living a life dedicated to following Jesus!
Do you want more?

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