Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Live it!!

Rich? It depends on who you ask.
Possessions? Meager...but certainly more than most!
No matter what 'state' you stop and consider yourself in, each of us have something to be thankful for.
How much effort does it take to realize this?

Living in a state of gratitude.
O, but let the very same exude
with every word or deed out of this man-
only life in Jesus ever can!

Is it difficult for you to see
this thankfulness that is a part of me?
To see it in your own life is a chore?
BUT GOD, He is the source of this, and more!
He will give you reasons to rejoice
and cause your words to be of grateful choice!
Tell Him that you need to his touch-
He will answer clearly and with much!

Living in a state of gratitude-
it is so much deeper than a 'mood!'
Live the way "The life...the Truth...the Way-"
gratitude, you'll always have to say!

More than a holiday...a way of life!
"Thank You, Father God!"

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