Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving--is it but a holiday?
But I'm so thankful, crying out "NO WAY!"
So many reasons I, much thanks, to give!
It is an entire way to live!

O, the good that yet exists always.
For this, we are so thankful, and give praise.
The blessings-who could even know the count?
O, but praise and glorify the Living Fount!

Thanksgiving--o, but live in such a way
that it becomes a part of every day!
Give gratitude to God for everything!
Sing to Him, ye people! Boldly sing!

O so thankful unto God Most High.
He loves and favors such as you and I!
Obedience He asks for in return...
much thankfulness has this man yet to learn!

What about you? Have you mastered thankfulness?
Do you automatically give thanks to God in every situation?
I am a very grateful man.
I have yet a ways to go.
"Thank You, Father God."

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