Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Garden

Life. It does many things to us.

What happened to the garden,
so beautiful and lush?
What happened to the music?
It's turned into a "hush."
Where have gone the ones attending
to the very seed?
But God, He knows the garden and
He knows its every need!

So glorious, the garden,
and can be, this I know!
If I but turn it over to Him,
He will make it grow!
Creator-He repairs, restores,
providing life alive;
therefore, the blossoms of the garden
faithfully arrive!

"What happened to the garden?"
Inquire ye the same!
But lean into the Gardener and
the power of His Name!
Jesus Christ--the only One
so worthy of our trust-
shield against the blazing drought
and every stormy gust!

The garden of life. Each of us live in one.
Who or what are you allowing to tend yours?
Does life do many things to you, or do you do things to life?

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