Saturday, November 12, 2011


Oh, so busy! necessarily in that order.
But I do have an escape. A temporary retreat from everything...

Because I am invited,
I go into the Court.
I am even beckoned as,
my heart, would He exhort!
So awesome is this Holy Place,
my words are of no use;
to record our rendezvous
would almost smack 'abuse!'
But once more I'm transported
to the Holy Place
where nothing is invisible
and valuable is grace.
Here to be referred to by
a new name, and quite rare-
I know exactly what He means
with all that He would share!

What blessed invitation-
it is for one alone.
Individually, each one,
into the Court is known.
For all that dare approach here,
for sure, will they abound
as, but the deepest of accord,
could, in this Place, be found!

Find yourself in that Place!
The invitation is open to one and all...IF you have the courage, perseverance, faith and time to go.

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