Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blessed Journey

Going to Jesus.
Is it a journey?
If so, oh the wonders that await!

Blessed be the journey there,
where awaits that blest repair
that One, alone, could ever share
through the stripes that He did bear.

Never have I far to go,
those healing mercies for to know;
so freely does that One bestow
from the blessed crimson flow!
Healing for my body whole,
healing for my very soul,
my spirit, too, in His control-
oh, the Blood to be my goal!

Oh, the journey, never far,
no matter when or where you are,
if life is or is not ajar,
oh, blessed be our Morning Star!

Is it a journey?
For some of us, it takes a journey to realize that Jesus Christ is right there with us, all the time, every step of the way!
Enjoy His Presence as you go!

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