Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Morning Glory

O Glory of the morning,
but what is time to You?!
Your light is shed but constantly...
how, then, is something new?
The Word of God is plain:
"There's nothing new beneath the sun..."
it yet goes on to say Your mercies,

never are they done!

O Glory of the morning,
can You be understood?
You declare Your Presence and
it's always for our good!
You shine upon our day, our deeds,
no matter what they be...
oh, be it true that ours will stand
the trials that must be!

O glory of the morning-
Jesus-Lord of all,
here we are, and we avail
ourselves unto Your call!
See that we be faithful in
that hour just ahead;
oh shine upon us as we bow
desiring to be led."

The days that are...times are going to get tough. Yes, it can be worse...and it will be.
Will you be able to stand firm through that which is ahead?
Reaffirm your commitment to matter what!


The season of giving...but there is more!
The season of gathering together...but there is more!
The season of restoring relationship...but there MUST be more!
What can there be to "season" that might last longer than a season?
What can there be to "Christmas" that lasts a lifetime...even eternally?
JESUS! It has to be Jesus!
Make Jesus central to this 'season' and it WILL BE most memorable!
To all of my family, friends and 'readers,' Jesus is the center of this man's life, and He is my wish to you and yours this 'season...' and always!!

"Jesus-You are surely more
than just a holiday!
Every moment in You, Lord,
I seek no other way!
I revel in the celebrations
come this time of year,
oh, but ever-constant be
the Source of Joy and Cheer!

Jesus-You are more than life,
and life is come from You!
We celebrate Your life because
You make all things anew!
We celebrate 'cause You are Lord-
God come to us all,
come 'in season,' yet availed
whenever we should call!

Lord Jesus Christ-more and more
than 'season' may contain!
You are Lord, and far beyond
all season is Your reign!
In that place where 'season,' it be
just a memory
You are alive and You sustain
the chosen such as we!"

When Christmas is over, is your attention to Him over for 11 months? I surely hope not! Be it true that 'Christmas' be just a culmination of celebrating Him all year long!

Wonderful Calling!

"I love to hear Your voice as You
affirm that I'm Your son!
I love the peace that life becomes
when You say "It is done."
Oh Lord, each affirmation come
from being by Your side
enables me to onward press;
I will not be denied!"

O wonderful relationship
with God--Almighty God!
The senses that are all this man
His attributes applaud!
He is so very personal
He is so very real;
the peace that is as He converses-
oh, what blessed feel!

"I love to hear Your voice, and I
respond unto the same.
How can I vocalize it when
You call me by my name?!
O wonderful relationship
availed unto all...
I am so very happy I
responded to Your Call!"

And so He calls to everyone...everyone!
The only matter is our response to that call.
Listen for Him and do all that you can to affirm His calling upon your life! It is wonderful!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

That Holy Place

In the Presence of Almighty-
sheer transparency!
Are there any brave enough
to stand His Company?!
There is nothing that is hidden
in this holy Place;
there is nothing greater than
the love...the peace...the grace!

How beautiful it is to see His glory!
How wonderful to be in His embrace!
Jesus--there is nothing to approach Him!
Look into the fullness of His face!!

Look into the fullness of His face...can you?
Look into the eyes of Jesus. He longs for your company!
I can't understand that!! Jesus Christ is God and has everything, yet He desires to fellowship with us!
Go to that Holy Place often.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving--is it but a holiday?
But I'm so thankful, crying out "NO WAY!"
So many reasons I, much thanks, to give!
It is an entire way to live!

O, the good that yet exists always.
For this, we are so thankful, and give praise.
The blessings-who could even know the count?
O, but praise and glorify the Living Fount!

Thanksgiving--o, but live in such a way
that it becomes a part of every day!
Give gratitude to God for everything!
Sing to Him, ye people! Boldly sing!

O so thankful unto God Most High.
He loves and favors such as you and I!
Obedience He asks for in return...
much thankfulness has this man yet to learn!

What about you? Have you mastered thankfulness?
Do you automatically give thanks to God in every situation?
I am a very grateful man.
I have yet a ways to go.
"Thank You, Father God."

Live it!!

Rich? It depends on who you ask.
Possessions? Meager...but certainly more than most!
No matter what 'state' you stop and consider yourself in, each of us have something to be thankful for.
How much effort does it take to realize this?

Living in a state of gratitude.
O, but let the very same exude
with every word or deed out of this man-
only life in Jesus ever can!

Is it difficult for you to see
this thankfulness that is a part of me?
To see it in your own life is a chore?
BUT GOD, He is the source of this, and more!
He will give you reasons to rejoice
and cause your words to be of grateful choice!
Tell Him that you need to his touch-
He will answer clearly and with much!

Living in a state of gratitude-
it is so much deeper than a 'mood!'
Live the way "The life...the Truth...the Way-"
gratitude, you'll always have to say!

More than a holiday...a way of life!
"Thank You, Father God!"


"With every sunrise I behold,
so glorious and new,
I cannot help but sing out praise
and glory unto You!

With every day entrusted me
I'll do my best for You.
For there is not a greater calling
anyone can do!

With every day completed, I
shall thank You yet once more-
To glorify You all the day,
is what this life is for!"

"Thank You, God!"
Shout it from the depths, all ye people! For He is worthy of praise and gratitude, for all things good come from Him!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


In an inconspicuous building in an unassuming neighborhood...

The brewer keeps a rhythm all his own
while the others purpose to be known;
rhythm, rhyme, reasoning and heart-
all combine for what be known as 'art.'

All the while, the master at his craft: his post 'til aft.'
Do any recognize his artistry,
or is he just a part of peasantry?

Behind the counter, in a one-man show,
it is a place the spotlight does not go.
He is secure in his craft and call-
and grace is surely on his life to fall!

Passion-it is more than recognition;
joy-it is its own reward!
Skill-it is come from that combination.
For all three give thanks unto the Lord!


What is it.
So beautiful, that sanctuary we call 'church.'
Where is it? What is it?
Does it always have four walls? If so, I missed it!
Be it truly 'sanctuary,' then I'm afraid that others have missed it, too.
So beautiful sanctuary.
It is NOT just a building! It is wherever Jesus meets with you!
It is wherever HE sets up residence!
It is that blessed place where we find His Presence.
It is that place He takes me to in order to experience Him!
Find sanctuary.
It is beautiful!

"This is Awesome!!"

Deeper than 'congregation...'
faces, hands, hearts, souls...gathered in one place.
BUT GOD!! This is an abandoned garage!!
This is in "THAT part of town..."
These are...normal people...congregating!
Forget the church 'sign...' Forget the church 'name...'
this IS The Church!
Faces...hands...hearts...souls...all gathering to worship You!
Dare I say "congregating?!"
This is beautiful! No one is asking for 'doctrine,' they are all seeking You!
They are smiling...talking...laughing...not arguing. It's beautiful!

But God, what if they don't believe the way I do...

But God, what if they don't believe at all...

But God, what would Jesus do?

"Ask Him. He is right there in their midst!"


"You know that I am prone to wander,
I am led to stray;
yet, "somehow," You stable me
upon the Narrow Way;
so many opportunities
are afforded me,
yet, "somehow," the very best,
it is eventually.

So often are Your purposes
seemingly obscured;
and yet, my Lord, Your plan for my life
always is occurred;
not as I imagine,
nor as I desire,
yet You "somehow" receive the glory
when it's known entire!

Lord, for oh the ages that
"Your ways are not our ways!"
So high above, superior...
yet all of me You raise!
No matter, Lord, how many are
the times I seem to drift,
there You are, with open arms,
my very soul to lift!"

God knows that I belong to Him and He protects His belongings.
He knows the things that tempt me. He knows the 'things' that bid me sway.
Too, He is greater than them all and He is right there to provide a way of escape for me!
Trust Him! He can do the same for you!
If you cannot trust Him, tell Him that! He is big enough to take it, and He can get You to that place where You can trust Him.


Oh, so busy! necessarily in that order.
But I do have an escape. A temporary retreat from everything...

Because I am invited,
I go into the Court.
I am even beckoned as,
my heart, would He exhort!
So awesome is this Holy Place,
my words are of no use;
to record our rendezvous
would almost smack 'abuse!'
But once more I'm transported
to the Holy Place
where nothing is invisible
and valuable is grace.
Here to be referred to by
a new name, and quite rare-
I know exactly what He means
with all that He would share!

What blessed invitation-
it is for one alone.
Individually, each one,
into the Court is known.
For all that dare approach here,
for sure, will they abound
as, but the deepest of accord,
could, in this Place, be found!

Find yourself in that Place!
The invitation is open to one and all...IF you have the courage, perseverance, faith and time to go.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Those people...

Who can know the depth of their emotions?
Only one whose been there in their shoes!
Who can figure out the way they figure?

Only everyone whose 'paid their dues!'
They stop whenever there's a convoy passing...
they bow at every patriotic song;
they deserve our every thanksgiving!
They are the reason freedom moves along!

Who can know the memories they carry?
Again, how do the same affect each life?
The discipline, the character within them,
developed through a period of strife.
Can that person know the thanks within me
that I contain for everything they've done?
Do they know that I respect them greatly
and that I pray for them in Christ, the Son?

I watch the leaves, so peacefully cascading...
I watch in peace because of veterans' deeds.
I watch and pray for each of them this morning,
pray that God would meet all of their needs!

I am so grateful!
We need to reach that place where each of us are grateful for what our veterans do for this country, and stop moaning and arguing over them for following orders.
Pray for them. They need our prayers.
Thank them. They deserve our gratitude...EVERY DAY!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Oh, the glory of creation. But God is more.
You see pages, even volumes from this man about the beauty of His creation. But He is so much more!
I can use all kinds of words and phrases to describe His creation and His touch, but unless you know Him and His touch on a personal level, these may only be a pile of words!
All of these verses will be gone someday, but God will go on. Will you go on with Him?
These words will be forgotten easily, but there are some words that will be remembered forever: your verbal commitment asking Jesus into your heart!
Have you done that yet?
You have to in order to have your sins forgiven and make it into Heaven. But there is more!!
It's not just 'fire insurance,' it's a whole new level of life abundant!
Though I be a man of words, there are just some things too wonderful and too complex for words. Such is living a life dedicated to following Jesus!
Do you want more?


Riding on the rays of morning
through the glory dawn,
God the Father, God Creator,
settles on the lawn.
He's waiting there to walk with me,
He's anxious to converse;
He desires to hear the things
that I cannot rehearse.
So, in the dew of morning,
at anybody's pace,
He talks to me and listens as
He looks into my face.
He understands the things that others
cannot comprehend;
what else should I expect from One
Who calls me His own friend?

Again, the morning beckons...
no way shall I refuse!
Time with God Almighty has
so many revenues!
Not the least, the healing of
just being in His space;
Call upon Him for yourself,
your morning to embrace!

What a way to start the day!
Though God is right here with me at all times, to see the rays of morning bids me see Him arriving to greet me! GLORIOUS!
See Him for yourself!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So beautiful, the morning,
so tranquil and so still...
Without color be the sky?
Look deeper if you will.
Dramatic, its appearance,
and promising far more!
To frame the spectrum of the fall
was it created for!

Yes, beautiful, the morning,
and glorious, as well!
Words and verses from the poet
is it to compel!
Even to entice the writer
nearer unto God,
as the branches yet remaining
break out and applaud!

"Morning...oh so glorious,
beautiful and new,
we glorify Creator God

for orchestrating you!
Continue to display the glory
we appreciate,
every one of our own senses
thus to stimulate!"

Not a morning person?
You don't know what you're missing!

The Garden

Life. It does many things to us.

What happened to the garden,
so beautiful and lush?
What happened to the music?
It's turned into a "hush."
Where have gone the ones attending
to the very seed?
But God, He knows the garden and
He knows its every need!

So glorious, the garden,
and can be, this I know!
If I but turn it over to Him,
He will make it grow!
Creator-He repairs, restores,
providing life alive;
therefore, the blossoms of the garden
faithfully arrive!

"What happened to the garden?"
Inquire ye the same!
But lean into the Gardener and
the power of His Name!
Jesus Christ--the only One
so worthy of our trust-
shield against the blazing drought
and every stormy gust!

The garden of life. Each of us live in one.
Who or what are you allowing to tend yours?
Does life do many things to you, or do you do things to life?

Oh, so blessed!

I am so blessed!
We are so blessed!
So very blessed are them that are able to proclaim how many years they have been married!
Is every day perfect? No.
Is there ever pain? Oh, yes!
Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!
Join us in celebrating 30 years together.
Congratulate Debby for enduring 30 years with me.

How many are the memories behind us?
(How often have we vowed to not look back?)
Oh, but days are full of good and growing-
the promises of God--He is not slack!
Look at you, still the love of my life,
still so beautiful to look upon.
All the reasons I wanted to marry,
all of them continue to go on!

How many are the memories behind us?
Not as many as those yet ahead!
Not a thing has changed, my blessed Debby,
and there is not another I would wed!

Thank you, honey, for 30 years together.
Thank You, Jesus, for 30 years with her!
I am blessed!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Unhidden Treasure

The leaves are a constant shower this morning.
How long does it take for one tree to lose everything?
I know. Until it is finished. The process is glorious, though!
God's perfect order. Established when?

How many are the verses that
would capture every shade?
A different color, (so it seems,)
is noticed or is made!
How many are the writers
good enough to capture such
and put it down upon a page
with the perfect touch?!

But again, the quest arises
on an autumn morn.
How can I contain the glory
constantly reborn!
What beautiful frustration!
What glorious ordeal-
to versify Creator God
and His artistic zeal!

The season and its carpet on the ground. A curse to some. A treasure to others.
I guess you know how this writer feels about it!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blessed Journey

Going to Jesus.
Is it a journey?
If so, oh the wonders that await!

Blessed be the journey there,
where awaits that blest repair
that One, alone, could ever share
through the stripes that He did bear.

Never have I far to go,
those healing mercies for to know;
so freely does that One bestow
from the blessed crimson flow!
Healing for my body whole,
healing for my very soul,
my spirit, too, in His control-
oh, the Blood to be my goal!

Oh, the journey, never far,
no matter when or where you are,
if life is or is not ajar,
oh, blessed be our Morning Star!

Is it a journey?
For some of us, it takes a journey to realize that Jesus Christ is right there with us, all the time, every step of the way!
Enjoy His Presence as you go!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time changes...

...but is that all that changes?
You change...but do I?
People change, but...nevermind.
The landscape changes...DEFINITELY!
Time changes, (don't forget!)
There is one constant: Jesus! The Word says that He is the same yesterday today and forever. You can depend on Him.
Jesus is the One constant in this life that we can cling to and never let go of!
Have you discovered that yet?

More than any riches that
the world might produce...
Jesus will remain after
the flames, they would reduce!
And in that Place so far above
the life we've come to know,
He will welcome us to reign
where time, it cannot go!
Jesus Christ, THE constant in
a world crying "Change!"
Take Him deep into Your heart
and let no thing estrange!

Life changes...
Let God help you through those changes "from glory to glory!"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Autumn leaf at a time...sounds familiar...

the faint and the familiar
yet again to fall...
I turn around, before I know,
November comes to call!
How will be remembered
the time that has amassed?
Will only be the 'visible'
upon the memory cast?
But what have I done with Jesus,
the One Who saved my soul?
Did I explain to anyone
how life can be made whole?
Did I tell anyone the meaning
of true liberation?
Or how His own Blood supplies
health and restoration?

Seasons come and go in life-
do I affect the same?
Just if I exemplify
the Power in His Name!
Not only is life visible
in seasons on the land,
it is supplied to one and all
as we apply His hand!

Seasons come and go. God remains.
We can see how seasons affect life, ALL life, but God has a greater affect!
Will you share Jesus with someone today?
You never know what season they are going through.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Prayer Request

"I bring You my petition,
You take it as Your own.
Very soon, fruition
of each request is known.
Some answers are quite timely,
some others, not at all.
But this I know, each one of them
is known unto Your call.

So much of what I ask for
is selfish and unwise.
You see through my self and, thus,
the best I realize.
There's little explanation for
what You do and do not,
but this I know, the very best
is all that You have got!

You see me and You hear me,
You answer me always.
I will continue trusting You
and giving You all praise.
And You'll keep on supplying
what You see as the best.
You are the One Who answers prayer,
and we, the ones so blessed!"

Still praying for something?
Maybe God has answered it and His answer is not quite what you are looking for?
Don't stop praying, but don't put God in a box and expect His answer to be exactly on your terms.