Monday, October 31, 2011

"Writer's block?"

What to do when at a loss for something to write about?
Where to search for those elusive words and phrases?
Just look outside!
Even now, as Autumn takes over!
Especially now, before it is all on the ground!
For God's beautiful creation is so inspiring...

Flickering with gentlest of breath,
clinging to dear life in face of death,
the leaves of every color occupy
until their one ascent in their own sky.
The radiance that each of them possess
everybody's vision is to bless!
Behold the glory of the autumn rite
before it is replaced by frigid white!

Look around. God's creation is replete with things to behold and be inspired by!
Even if it is but the descent of a loneliest oak leaf, it is life. Beautiful life!
Don't miss it!
God created it for a purpose. Try to obtain that purpose.

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